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Beyond the Valley: Silver Springs

July 8, 2015

Have you ever wanted to have a fish pedicure? Of how about jump off some small cliffs? We’ve found a perfect adventure for you and at the end is a beautiful lake with many surprises!Silver Springs Lake, Elko BC - Okanagan Gals

During our time in the Kootenays we wanted to experience Silver Spring Lakes. There is cliff jumping to one side and then a walk out area to go swimming further down. Silver Springs Lake has crystal clear waters with small fish that nibble on you as you relax in the waters. So if you don’t like fish, this lake might not be for you.

This lake is a bit tough to find and exhausting to hike to but if you do decide to make the trek it’s definitely worth it.

Silver Springs Lake, Elko BC - Okanagan Gals

Once getting here you’ll walk up a gravel road hill until you see paths start to connect with it on the left, once you see these side paths the hiking begins! From this point forward it’s a semi steep incline for the next few kms in and up to the lake. Be sure you have proper footwear (I HIGHLY suggest Keens. This steep trek uphill was quite exhausting in the heat. Don’t be discouraged, the best is yet to come! 

Once you can see the lake in front of you, instead of continuing straight you’ll follow the path to the left and up even more to the top of the cliffs. Here you can jump off the different sized cliffs or continue walking around  to find a spot to walk in whenever you’d like. We had continued our walk around and found a small spot off the side of the lake that allowed us to just walk in whenever we’d like. This allowed us a chance to enjoy the water without all the people around.

Hopefully you’ve given yourself enough time to thoroughly enjoy this activity as you’ve just worked your but off getting here (and if your visiting in the summer it’s already 36 degrees without the hike!).

Silver Springs Lake, Elko BC - Okanagan Gals

This is not a provincial park, public lake or any of the sort. Silver Springs Lake has no washrooms, garbage disposal or benches. You are out in the woods so be sure to pack appropriately, especially bug spray! We had been eaten alive heading back down. One thing I always enjoy is being able to bring the dog out and not be at a “specified” dog beach. So if your traveling with dogs, bring them along.

The Trail Scoop:

Trail difficulty: Difficult
Garbage bins: None
Bathroom facilities: None
Dog Friendly: Yes


To get to this beautiful lake you will come along the Crowsnest Highway, turn onto Bate Ave. You’ll pass a bridge and continue onto a logging road (be careful of logging trucks as this road is used throughout the year). Roughly 5 km on this road you see a small strip of gravel to the right that you can turn into and park your car. Many people know of this area so depending on the time of year you go it may be busy, so don’t expect to be the only one. We parked as far up as we could but at this time there was a gate preventing us from being able to drive any further. We parked the car and started walking!

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