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Explore Kelowna: Myra Canyon Trestles

November 25, 2015

We recently went for a hike at the amazing Myra Canyon Trestles which are located in the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park about an hour outside of Kelowna B.C.. Today’s paths and bridges  were originally part of the Kettle Valley Railway and features 18 wooden trestle bridges and two tunnels along a 24 km trail (round trip).  To our surprise there was already almost a foot of snow here so we only went about 2kms in.Myra Canyon Trestles, Kelowna BC - Okanagan Gals

There are a few different ways you can explore this area. You can easily walk this trail, enjoying the beautiful views and stopping along the way at several points where they have posted signs that explain the history of the trestles.  Another great way to fully take in this stretch of trail is to rent bikes and enjoy a self guided tour of the area. Trails are well maintained during the peak season but natural disasters such as falling rocks and trees and wash-outs do cause closures from time to time. Traveling the Myra Canyon Trestles is easy for both walking and biking as the trail is pretty flat, but sometimes washed out trail sections, or in our case snow, can make the path a little more difficult to navigate.  All the bridges have been reinforced so they are smooth, sturdy and safe to cross.

The Myra Canyon Trestles are a gorgeous place to visit at all times of year. The Myra Station starting point has a large parking lot with outdoor wash room facilities where you can start your trek from.  There is at least one other wash room on the 12km stretch of trail as well as in the parking lot that is located at the other end of the trail (usually this road is not as well maintained).

Myra Canyon Trestles, Kelowna BC - Okanagan Gals

This trail is dog friendly but garbage bins are very rare, if any, and there are no bags for your dogs, so be prepared and bring some with you!

Myra Canyon Trestles, Kelowna BC - Okanagan Gals

Accessing the trestles can be a little hectic, depending on the weather and time of year.  As you are driving on a forestry road at times you will encounter large ditches in the road, due to water and flooding during the spring run off.  In the winter, the road is not well maintained, in regards to sanding, so you should be prepared for ice and have a good set of winter tires on.  This area is also used by ATVs, snowmobiles and logging trucks so please be aware of your surroundings while driving this road. OH, and deer!

Myra Canyon Trestles, Kelowna BC - Okanagan Gals

There are two public entrances to Myra Canyon. The more popular one, especially for pedestrians and where we walked from, is at Myra Station. From this parking lot there is a 1 km hike to the first trestle (trestle #18) and a 2 km hike that crosses 6 trestles to reach the first of 2 tunnels. The largest trestle is a 6 km hike from this parking lot.

A second entrance to Myra Canyon is at Ruth Station. From this entrance the first trestle (trestle #1) is about a 1 km hike and the second is at about 2.5 km. The large metal trestle is close to 5 km from the parking lot. In the fall the larch trees are particularly beautiful from this access.

For full history on the trestles please check out the Myra Canyon Trail Restoration Society’s website HERE.

The Trail Scoop:

Trail difficulty: Easy
Garbage bins: One at the beginning in the parking lot
Bathroom facilities: A couple at the beginning in the parking lot
Dog Friendly: Yes


Directions to Myra Station parking lot:
Myra-Canyon-signStarting from downtown Kelowna on Hwy 97 take a right onto Dilworth Drive making your way to KLO Road and turn left. Follow KLO Road to the “Y” junction of KLO Road and McCulloch Road. Take McCulloch Road, which is to the right, and follow the direction signs pointing to Gallagher’s Canyon golf course. Continue past the golf course and you will find the road narrows as it winds its way down to a narrow bridge crossing KLO Creek. Keep going until you see a blue sign that says “Myra Canyon Trestles”.  The next exit on the right is Myra Forest Service Road. Follow this gravel road for 8 km until you see the sign for Myra Canyon Trestles, at the top of this post, and turn right.

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