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Event: Sip with your Sweetheart

March 7, 2016

Last month I had heard that the Westside Wine Trail was holding one of their “Sip Series” events. Conveniently this fell the weekend before Valentines Day and my sweetheart was in town so it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. This was a great way to taste some local wineries in the area as there were 11 participating wineries and we managed to make it to 9 of them!

This was the fifth annual “Sip with Your Sweetheart” event in celebration of Valentine’s Day. It was a self-guided tour that was completely complimentary. The 11 participating wineries offered up savoury wine tastings paired with chocolate treats created by local chefs and bakers.  We ended up purchasing 4 bottles of wine and couldn’t be happier with our selections.

The wineries we visited were:
Ciao Bella Winery
Kalala Organic Estate Winery
Off the Grid Organic Winery
The Hatch
Little Straw Vineyards
Mount Boucherie Family Estate Winery
Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
Beaumont Family Estate Winery
Rollingdale Winery

Sadly we didn’t make it to Quails Gate Winery or Mission Hill Winery but they also participated.

The Westside Wine Trail is holding their next “Sip Series” event on June 5th, 2016 called “Sip with Summer” where they will help visitors discover that perfect white wine to enjoy during those long summer nights. White wines will be the focus of this event. For more information on this upcoming event, please visit The Westside Wine Trail website.

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