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Stay: Mountain Springs Nature Retreat B&B

June 3, 2016

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat is a hidden gem, in the Marron Valley, right off Highway 97 between Penticton and Keremeos, it boasts a variety of beautiful secluded hiking trails and is diverse with an unusually wide variety of habitats to explore. You will hike through a Ponderosa Pine forest, cattail marsh, across grassy meadows and even find their hidden waterfall. Located on Marron Lake, this Nature Retreat has 3 charming B&B lake view rooms and offers you an escape like no-where else.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat sports 340 acres of natural beauty to enjoy. Be it sitting next to the lake on their outdoor patio or picnic tables, enjoying the sights and sounds of the local wildlife & birds or taking advantage of the variety of trails. However you like to relax, you can do it here.

Upon our arrival, we met Phyllis, owner of the retreat, where she promptly checked us in and let us know about the area. We collected some information on the different trails we could explore, strapped on our bear bells and keens and we were off!

We hit up the Falls Trail first, a short but challenging trail with a mixture of fallen trees & narrow paths, but all well worth it. Once arriving at the waterfall you can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds on a handmade log bench, a perfect spot to read a book or do some writing.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan GalsMountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan GalsMountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

Continuing our adventure, we headed back to the house sitting in the front yard for a few moments watching the birds and checking out all the amazing flowers. After a short break, we headed off on the Canyon Valley Trail which used to be the old stage coach road back in the day. This is the longest trail but an easy walk that takes you past the marsh through a serene wooded area and opens up to a gorgeous grassy area, the trail, however, kind of ends and you’re left walking in tall grass as long as you want (running parallel to the highway above). Although it started to rain we continued our trek, cameras safely stowed away in a backpack and enjoyed our wet adventure down the Canyon Valley Trail. As we made our way back to the house, the weather started clearing up and we decided to do another trail.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

This time, we chose the Lookout Bluff Trail, as it was sure to offer a spectacular view. This trail took us, more or less, straight up the hill that is located at the back of the house and was definitely harder, due to the incline. Once you reach the top, it is all about the view! It’s a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains, The Retreat, lake and, to our surprise, the highway.  Here you can explore, enjoy the variety of wildflowers or continue to walk up and around the mountain.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan GalsMountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

During our hiking, we found the signage to be very fun and helpful. Trails are labeled with their names which allow you to locate the entrances and the direction in which to go. Along some trails, you will also find history markers, such as Burson’s Barn, located on the Canyon Valley Trail or the Post Office near the entrance to the property. As with any hiking you do, keep you eyes open and be prepared for wildlife. We were geared up with bear spray & bear bells to notify any animals in the area we were there.

We arrived back at The Retreat to an amazing homemade salad, straight from Phyllis’ organic garden and enjoyed talking with Phyllis about the area, history of The Retreat and other amazing events such that have taken place there.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

The morning of our departure, we awoke to sunny skies, birds chirping and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Phyllis had made an amazing breakfast that consisted of coffee, homemade granola with yogurt and more. There was even a gorgeous peony on the table, from the garden. As we ate breakfast, the sun turned to rain and our plans to hike more trails before we left were met with disappointment.

Instead, we were able to relax on the front porch and watch the hummingbirds, only a few feet from us, swirl & swoop around the feeders with delight. This was definitely a unique experience for both of us as we hadn’t ever had the opportunity to watch these amazing birds before in the Okanagan.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or just need a relaxing night away, Phyllis, of Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, makes sure you are well taken care of. The Retreat is available by appointment only, please contact them before you visit.

We had such an amazing time at the Mountain Springs Nature Resort! Thank you, Phyllis, for you spectacular hospitality. We will definitely be back.

The Retreat features:

  • Self-guided Tour: For $5/person per day you can enjoy The Retreat guided by a map of the area, and head out on a self-guided tour. Pack a lunch, it’s going to be a good one!
  • Water Activities: Further explore this area by bringing a canoe or kayak and head out on the water. There is a $5/person per day charge.
  • Wedding Ceremonies: Mountain Springs Nature Retreat hosts weddings and has the perfect backdrop for any small wedding
  • Certified Organic Garden: Phyllis has a garden that is Certified Organic and sells her delicious vegetables on Saturday at the Penticton Farmers Market
  • Birdwatcher’s Paradise: The Retreat has over 100 identified bird species
  • Certified Backyard Habitat: The Retreat has a Canadian Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat certification
  • Wildlife Habitat Steward: The Retreat has The Land Conservancy of BC Wildlife Habitat Steward certification


Mountain Springs Nature Retreat is located at number 564 on Highway 3A between Highway 97 near Kaleden and Highway 3 near Keremeos in British Columbia, Canada. The Retreat is about a fifteen minute drive from Penticton, 50 minutes from Kelowna, one hour from Osoyoos (next to the US border) and about 5 hours from Vancouver.

To get there from Highway 97 take Highway 3A between Penticton and Okanagan Falls (OK Falls) and you will see their sign on the west side of the the highway about 6km from highway 97. If you are driving here from Highway 3 in the Keremeos there are about 5 kilometres past the Twin Lakes turnoff on Highway 3A.

Mountain Springs Nature Retreat, Kaleden BC - Okanagan Gals

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