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Explore Summerland: Cartwright Mountain

June 9, 2018

Cartwright Mountain is one of the large mountains located in Summerland BC, there are many trails around Cartwright Mountain so you have your options in terms of what you would like to do for a hike. You can choose to walk along the side of the mountain on an easy-ish trail, you can view more about it here, or choose to hike directly up the mountain and take your chances with a mountainous terrain. Cartwright Mountain is highly suggested for anyone looking for a great hike close to downtown Summerland that doesn’t take very long. We went up and out for just over an hour, got a bit of a workout & enjoyed the view.

Cartwright Mountain, Summerland BC - Okanagan Gals

Be fully stocked and prepared for a couple hours (or more!) out on the mountain if you take this scenic route, as you continue hiking up you will get a chance to see the amazing view of all of Summerland along with an awesome view of Garnet Valley.

Follow the path up and around, be aware part of this trail is a single track, and used throughout the summer by cyclists. In early fall you can also witness the Test of Humanity race, the main goal of this race is to raise funds for Canadian Humanitarian and their projects in Ethiopia. You can read more about this event here.

Cartwright Mountain, Summerland BC - Okanagan Gals

Head to the very end of Cartwright Ave and park your car on the corner of Cartwright Ave and Herron Rd (there is no parking lot so park where you can find some room) and the trail head is right here. This trail starts off a bit flat, then gradually gets a bit steeper until you start slowly heading up the moutain.

Please keep note that there are no washroom facilities located on this path and no garbage cans. Allocate at least an hour to two hours for this hike to really enjoy your surroundings.

Like many trails in the dry Okanagan you’ll need to be careful of cactus! These prickly little beasts lie just off the trail and are scattered throughout the landscape.

As with any hiking in the hot Okanagan in the middle of Summer, be sure you plan accordingly for each season and have proper footwear, water & clean up after your pets. Please also pack out what you pack in. Let’s keep our trails clean of garbage!

The Trail Scoop:

Trail difficulty: Moderate – Hard
Garbage bins: None
Bathroom facilities: None
Dog Friendly: Yes

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