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Collab with 351 Apparel

We always love to collaborate with like-minded, like-visioned people who are a great fit with our brand and mission. We are interested in new and creative ways to collaborate with companies, influencers, and individuals to create exciting opportunities to grow our community and fulfill our mission. We also love to see other small businesses grow and flourish! 


For Collaboration Inquiries:

  1. Send an email to info@351apparel.ca letting us know your business name, website or Instagram handle.
  2. In your email, give us some brief information about your company (name, location, Instagram, website) why you have chosen 351 Apparel, and what ideas you may have for a collaboration with us.
  3. Tell us why you think our companies are a fit for each other and how we can both benefit from the collaboration.
  4. If you know, also give us an idea of timeline for collaboration so we can check our schedule and see where potential openings are.
  5. Thank you!

hear what our customers love about us

I have an Okanaganite Tank Top and I absolutely love it! The fit is great, I love the way it hangs on my body, and it is super comfy! It will for sure be my favorite Summer Tank!

Elizabeth Rose-Craft, Local Okanaganite

Quality, affordable and local too! Love our tanks from 351! Also purchased a home made dog leash and collar made by Andy and best quality around!! Everyone comments on our Okanagan gear, love to show off where we are from and their clothing is PERFECT for that! Thanks Amber and Andy!

Alicia Perkins, Local Okanaganite

Locally crafted apparel with awesome designs and great service! Check them out!

Manos Vezirakis, Local Okanaganite

High quality and reasonable prices. They offer the choice of colors and custom sizes. Service and Sales are also top notch. Friendly helpful owners and full of information and suggestions on how to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Dawn Snowden, Local Okanaganite

I bought the wrong size at the Women's Fair and sent an email saying I got the wrong size and without any questions being asked the exchange was set up. No problem. This is an awesome company and I will be buying more things from them. I can't wait to see what they have for dogs.

Estelle Sens, Local Okanaganite

With original designs placed on quality fabrics 351 Apparel is a must add to your closet. Super stoked that they had stuff my whole family could wear. Always looking forward to the newest designs.

Matty, Local Okanaganite